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Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lensesJury Eye Care is intent on providing a successful contact lens experience. Accurately fitting contact lenses can sometimes be challenging. Our office takes the time to evaluate each situation and each patient with a personalized approach. We feel that success of wearing contact lenses is measured by meeting the expectations of each patient.

Trial Contact Lens Fittings

Contacts must perform at all times based on the demands of each individual patient. We firmly believe that you should not have to pay for contact lenses that do not meet your expectations.

At the initial fitting of your new contact lenses, Dr. Jury will examine the shape of your eye and determine the type of contact lens to suit you best. From single-day disposable contact lenses to monthly disposable lenses, we'll recommend the best lens for both the shape of your eye as well as your preference on changing them out.

It is critical for this initial contact fitting to be followed by a second visit when we can ensure the contact lenses are working well for you and your lifestyle. It is for this reason we trial fit all our contact lenses and will not charge you until a successful fitting has occurred.

Contact Lens Options

Order contact lensesWith advances in the contact lens industry there are many more options available to you giving us greater opportunity for a successful fit. If you have failed in previous contact lens attempts or are experiencing discomfort with your current contact lenses, it is likely there is a better contact lens that will work for you. With a large inventory of contact lenses at our locations,  Jury Eye Care offers same day service on most contact lens prescriptions including bifocal and toric contact lenses. We stock a variety of contact lenses including:

  • Single day wear disposable
  • Two week wear disposable
  • One month disposable
  • Toric contact lenses (to correct astigmatism)
  • Bi-focal contact lenses
  • Rigid gas permeable contact lenses

Contact us today to schedule a contact lens fitting at our Wichita, Derby or Liberal KS locations.

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