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Eyeglass framesAt Jury Eye Care we have over 1200 eyeglasses frames available at our locations in Wichita, Derby and Liberal Kansas. The large selection of frames allows us to fit any budget while offering you the latest in designer eyewear.

The cornerstone of affordable eye care is coordinating patient needs, available products such as glasses and/or contact lenses, and vision plan benefits. With a large inventory of frames in stock, Jury Eye Care has the ability to provide patients their best value. We personalize our glasses selection to meet the requirements of your benefit package while giving you a wide selection of frame choices.

Glasses for Every Activity

Our large selection of frames doesn't stop with traditional prescription eyeglasses. We also carry a wide selection of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, prescription sports goggles as well as prescription eye protection. Stop by any of our three locations today and see the variety of glasses we can offer for even the most active person.

Eyeglasses Repair

Living with cracked or broken eyeglasses can be a pain. Jury Eye Care offers complete eyeglasses repair and cleaning. Whether you're experiencing a bent or cracked frame, chances are we can help you repair your eyeglasses in a reasonable amount of time. Stop by today and see how Jury Eye Care can help get your eyeglasses back in working condition.

Full Service Optical Lab

With a full service lab adjacent to our Wichita office, Jury Eye Care offers one day service on most single vision glasses in the Wichita area.

20% Off Glasses and Contact Lenses

20% off

In celebration of another successful year, we want to help you optimize your flex spending accounts. Come in today and get 20% off your next pair of glasses or contact lenses. Contact a location near you for details about this special promotion.


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Why do my bifocal glasses not work?
The foundational issue for bifocal, trifocal, and multifocal failure is that the static lens systems are replacing a previously dynamic system. Accommodation is a  dynamic process allowing the eye to auto focus for any given distance within three feet. The eye ultimately looses that ability at the approximate age of 45 resulting in a static, nonchanging power compromising vision at computer and reading distances. Glasses lenses are static systems without the ability to change at any given distance thus a prescription that works for 40 cm will not be clear at 2 meters. The key to making the multifocal lens work properly is to format the needed optical powers into a functional lens system consistent with the individual demands of each patient’s working environment. This can b…

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What is Keratoconus and what are my options for better vision?
Keratoconus is a degenerative eye condition affecting the cornea which is the front surface of the eye responsible for focusing or converging the light and images through the eye. Keratoconus occurs when the cornea losses structural rigidity due to thining, resulting in areas of bulging. The bulging is the result of the naturallyoccurring pressure of the eye pushing the weak area of the cornea forward with the subsequent affect of distorting the cornea and causing vision loss. The cause is unknown but possibly related to genetics and/or environmental factors. Statistically 1 in 500 people are affected by this condition. Many people are undiagnosed and simply live with vision loss not realizing there are options to restore vision. Restoration of Vision After …

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